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UV Pressure Adhesive UVP50

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UV Pressure Adhesive UVP50


UVA50 is a UV curable pressure sensitive adhesive,mainly used in UV curing adhesive tape and industry labels, as well as automotive glass film, wall glass film.It can provide excellent adhesive performance in ordinary and medical stickers, label stickers, glass film; not only has high durability,humidity resistance and significantly improve the skin tolerance; highly transparent, non-toxic, does not contain any solvent; It is widely used to automobile, construction, medical, cosmetic, food, drinks, beverage, especially in applications requiring no residue field stripping.

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✪Good shrinkage and film forming properties in curing    

✪Excellent transfer ability, exfoliation, no residue

✪Curing fast                

✪Excellent transparency and cohesion

✪High resistance to aging and        

✪Min VOC, low odor

✪High resistance to solvent 

✪High resistance to aging and heating

✪Resistance to water whitening   

✪Coating weights up to 100g/m2


Major technical index 




Transparent paste



Glass transition temperature (




- UV curable label for beer, cosmetic, beverage, food and express film

- UV curable automotive glass and wall glass film.

- UV curable medical tape and label.

This product will exit differences based on different formulation and applications, need do test in advance.


Packing 200 kg/iron drum


Storagein the cool and dry ventilated places in 1 year. Please operate as per MSDS.

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