UV ink resin

  • UV Offset ink resin UVP30

    Description:UVP 30 is a modified polyester based UV prepolymer. Dissolved in UV monomer, with 65% polyester content. While used as UV curing ink binder, thanks to the special designed chemical structure, gives good pigment wetting, printability and adhesion on various substrate, also shows excellent water ink balance due to the special functional group.

    Model Number:UVP 30

  • UV Offset ink resin UVP35

    Description:UVP 35 is a UV prepolymer, an updated version based on UVP 30, with higher reactive functional group. Besides same performance compare to UVP30, UVP 35 shows better reactivity, crosslink degree. The film after curing shows good scratch and chemical resistance. Due to high inner cohesive force, may need to adjust the tackiness during usage.

    Model Number:UVP-35

  • UV offset ink resin UVP 36

    Description:UVP 36 is a UV prepolymer, can be used for UV ink system as binder. The adhesion on various substrate and reaction functional group contents are improved based on UVP 30. After film forming by UV curing, the ink has good scratch resistance, chemical resistance, adhesion on various substrate and good flexibility.

    Model Number:UVP36

  • UV ink resin UVP-C60

    Description:UVP®C60 is a chlorinated modified UV prepolymer with epoxy groups on the molecular structure, so it has faster curing speed. It has excellent flexibility and bending resistance. The film after curing is as hard as standard epoxy acrylate, with higher flexibility than epoxy acrylate.

    Model Number:UVP C60

  • UV ink resin UVP C30

    Description:Description: UVP® C30 is a high performance UV prepolymer. It is modified chlorinated polyester resin, gives good pigment wetting, printability and adhesion on plastic substrate, also shows good body.

    Model Number:UVP C30

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