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UV ink offset printing problems and solutions

Time: 2019-10-15

UV offset printing in the surface quality of a material, protective, wear resistance and production efficiency has a traditional offset printing the incomparable advantage, especially used for plastic materials, such as gold and silver cardboard than absorbing sexual material printing. These advantages so that those who applied UV offset technology printing enterprise competition from the crowd. But UV offset printing technology is more complex, packaging and printing enterprise how to deal with UV offset printing of the existence of the problem? Going to the UV offset printing packing printing enterprise should how ready?

UV offset printing of problem solving

Want to let UV offset a better role, needs to solve the main problems are as follows.

1. Design plate making

Make the design of UV printing copy must be work orders to decide according to the output formats, such as membrane surface is against Saul and or, output line number, the Angle of Internet. Some special demand higher damage, such as 3 D printing of the resolution to high, with an Angle must printing material matching, avoid bump nets; Transparent plastic material and metalized paper often need to put a white ink, should pay attention to the influence of the printing material expansion, by fixed in advance in order to achieve the best film quality.

2. Adhesion

Because of plastic material or gold and silver cardboard, which prints permeability performance is poor, the ink absorption of the weak, so even if use UV ink printing, printing ink adhesion also is very poor, printing quality is not high. The material surface treatment to solve.

3. Ink emulsification

UV ink painting balance tolerance is very narrow, printing ink, easy to cause the emulsified dirty version, influence printing quality.

Solution: reduce the printing speed, the printing speed control in the 5000 ~ 8000 seal/hour.

4. Curing degree

In order to improve printing color saturation, such as plastic material things in their surface UV printing, printing pressure great, ink layer thicker, network serious increase, which makes the ink is not easy to curing. In order to guarantee the quality of printing, printing pressure can't do a lot of adjustments. A solution is to first moderate reduce the printing speed, make the UV lamp appropriate time longer, let ink thoroughly cure; Next is the regulation of UV lamp and prints of the distance between the content, strengthen the UV light illuminate intensity, make the ink curing. UV curing effective wavelength range is 200 ~ 400 nm, printing workshop the wavelength of the light source of some in this limits, will lead to ink surface mild cure, so should pay attention to the environment of the influence of UV light ink.

5. Color sequence arrangement

UV offset printing color sequence arrangement is more complex. Because most of the limits of the principle, the thing on printing ink layer is thinner, when need thick ink layer, printing hard to reach the copy effect. For example four-color dieyin, usually use of printing color black, green, sequence, yellow, magenta, because black nearly fill all space, green, yellow, magenta inker force more low, the total amount of ink is not enough, it will cause color is not full.

Solution: an eye more sequence, the printing ink amount of smaller first color, finally ink in large quantities of the black, this will make most of the highest quantity achieved, colour more full.

6. Printing alignment

Use UV lamp UV offset printing ink on curing, curing bring's main problem is that their things expands when it is heated, leading to misregister. This and UV curing inks conflict, for printing ink curing need the UV lamp irradiation time a little longer, and printing set of standards need to UV light irradiation time short.

Solution: in the final color printing again after UV cure, by this time even if their content expansion, through the set period of time reduce temperature, also can make their content deformation to a minimum. Special circumstances, demitint can also open of UV lamp, but irradiation time more short more good. Or can use cold UV technology