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Recent materials status under China enviromental regulation

Time: 2018-08-18

Recently, Holywill Chemical has visited some Photo initiator manufactures, such as Hubei Gurun Technology, Tianjin Jiuri New materials, Changzhou Qiangli Technology. It produced a communication related to a specific global raw material shortage affecting UV curing inks, specifically supplies about UV photoinitiators.


Unfortunately, the manufacturing and supply of this feedstock has been further delayed due to inspections still ongoing regarding compliance with Chinese environmental regulations. Furthermore, this supply disruption is impacting several materials.


This means that supplies of these photoinitiators are now at critically low levels globally, which is seriously impacting production ability to manufacture and supply for UV ink customers on a timely” Mr Xu,General manager of Holywill, shows. “Holywill also meet same problems in oligomer UVP30 and UVP60 as photoinitiators. We do not anticipate the situation will be resolved soon, in fact we expect various materials supply shortage will be a reality for at least the next two to three months. Please note that this is an industry-wide shortage affecting all UV ink manufacturers.”