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Popuplar product- UVP30 similar with DAP-A from Japan

Time: 2017-10-17

Holywill Chem’s modified polyster resin UVP30 is similar with DAP-A of Japan DAISO, which is advanced resin for UV offest ink.

The properties:
(1) It is easy to adjust the viscosity of UV ink by controlling the balance between monomer and UVP 30, which can give the ink thixotropy;
(2) Improve the ink emulsification deterioration caused by "immersion" phenomenon in printing, and adjust the emulsification degree;
(3) reduce the influence of temperature on the viscosity of ink;
(4) enhance the heat resistance of ink;
(5) reduce the lubrication swell of rubber roller caused by ink;
(6) balance improves the performance of the above (1) to (5);
(7) High solubility in acrylate monomers and oligomers;
(8) do not hind UV hardening and group polymerization.
For the above aspects, the performance of UVP 30 is equivalent with DAP-A as an inert resin instead of other resins.