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Innovation & Research

Time: 2017-09-25


It is clearly that inovation and research is the core factor to maintain company vitality and product competitiveness. Therefore, we set up innovation R&D teams for high molecular polymer, printing inks, packaging material, coatings, etc as well as laboratory with advanced equipment.

The mission of our laboratory is to provide more comfortable and environmental friendly office and home environment, more safe and healthy package for food, daily necessities, drugs, etc. We are dedicated in reducing the VOC emissions as well as attaching great importance to relevant ecological social impacts, such as environmental compatibility, climate protection and safety. There is no toxic volatile in our UV curing resin. 

Ink development and performance optimization

The correct and suitable resin can ensure UV offset printing ink to work efficiently during printing.

Since the requirement is changing for packaging industry utilizing UV offset ink, the functionality of UV resin should be changed accordingly to meet the requirement of UV offset ink applying on different substrate. We can adjust the UV offset resin to meet customer’s requirement. 

In order to increase the ink efficiency during printing and packing, we adjust our resin according to different UV offest ink requirement. The tailor make resin can ensure high printing efficiency, peferct printing result, reliable handling and less cost. 

Paying close attentinon to the needs of current and future UV offset market, we always try to provide best solution between substrate, ink and resin. We collect and set up completed database about UV ink for different substrate, including sticker industry(like lables for ciggrete, wine, express), plastic sheeting industry(like PP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminium foil, synthetic paper), package for food, drugs, cigarette, cosmetic; gold stamping, silver scraping etc. We provide strong technical support and advanced solutions according to different ink requirement.