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Development trend of ink industry in the future

Time: 2018-10-11

Development trend of ink industry in the future

1, market development status

With the rapid development of China's national economy, the prosperity of printing and packaging industry has led to the rapid growth of ink manufacturing industry, making China in the recent decade has rapidly risen to become one of the world's largest ink manufacturing countries, the current domestic ink industry is growing at a rate of more than 10%. China's ink development to today, the amount of solvent ink is slowly decreasing, offset ink is basically stable, UV series products and water-based ink is on the rise, and the most obvious increase is the UV ink series. This is mainly reflected in the UV ink printing grade is higher, and the choice of equipment is larger; it can basically be offset, gravure, screen printing, flexography and other equipment on all printing. Water-based ink can only be printed on flexographic or gravure, because water-based products need to import high-grade equipment to print fine results, and the price is expensive, which is not generally affordable by printing factories, so the current water-based ink market is still basically stuck in the middle and low-grade cartons above. Ink industry is an important part of China's light industry, is one of the important industries of the national economy, in economic and social development plays an important role.


After 2010, China's printing industry has entered a small profit era, the industry will shuffle again, the center of the printing industry from the eastern coastal cities to the northwest began to shift. In the new round of shuffle, there will inevitably be some high-quality enterprises with strong competitiveness, excellent technology and centralized industries. Printing enterprises will emerge a series of large-scale enterprises and industrial clusters of collectivization. Therefore, if enterprises want to reorganize and merge in the future, they must always grasp the industry artery to obtain the first opportunity. Grasp the latest technology. The rapid development of China's packaging industry in the past decade has greatly expanded China's ink industry. Ten years ago, the printing plants mainly used offset ink, but now it has extended to the coexistence of solvent ink, water-based ink, UV ink, screen printing ink, offset ink. With the development of packaging industry, the continuous development of ink technology will promote the rapid development of ink, ink consumption will continue to improve, ink production will continue to improve.


2, the development of China's ink industry presents the following trends:

(1) Environment-friendly printing industry

In the transformation of printing industry, environmental regulations will promote market development. In food and medicine packaging, alcohol soluble ink and water based ink are gradually replaced by ink containing benzene. It is an inevitable trend to speed up the transformation of ink production environment to environmental protection. At present, the price of environmental-friendly ink is slightly higher than that of traditional ink. However, with the deepening of the green concept of environmental protection, the continuous improvement of the quality of environmental-friendly ink, and the continuous increase of output, the price will eventually drop. In the future, environmental-friendly ink will surely gain more and more market share.

(2) Top and sustainable development.

Although China has become a big ink country in the world, it has not become a powerful country after all. Compared with developed countries, there is still a big gap in the overall level of China's industry. Lack of influential large enterprises in the world, the concentration of production is not high, the degree of modernization is not high, scientific and technological research and development investment is too little, low-level repetitive construction is too much, the production capacity of low-grade products is relatively excessive. In the face of increasing labor costs, environmental policy pressures, food safety awareness and other difficult factors today, ink enterprises must rationally find new ways to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of sustainable development.

(3) Developing high value-added ink products.

Such as industrial inkjet products, conductive ink, anti-counterfeiting safety ink. There are many kinds of inks and different uses, and the use of inks for printing is also a technology, so the technical service of inks is particularly important. It requires not only the users to be familiar with ink, but also the printing technology. For example, what are the advantages of an ink, where to use it, where the customer is, how to use it to reflect the advantages of the product and so on.

(4) Product diversification

In order to meet the needs of the printing market, China is relying on scientific and technological progress to develop new products. The main products are sheet offset fast-drying ink, web offset ink, gravure ink, flexographic ink screen printing ink, iron ink, ultraviolet curing ink, water-based ink, anti-counterfeiting ink and so on. The above ink products are not only increasing in variety, reaching more than 50 kinds, but also getting higher and higher in quality. Generally speaking, most of the inks produced in China are medium and low grade, and the supply exceeds the demand. Some high-grade products and special products need to rely on imports.

(5) Non-contact printing represented by inkjet printing and printing technology is transforming from home and office inkjet printing to label and bar code production, CAD and large-scale image printing, from traditional solvent dye to waterborne pigment, 8-color inkjet printing. Ink printing has been market-oriented. Digital proofing based on inkjet printing equipment is close to offset printing quality. It has become a key technology to support CTP workflow and will replace traditional offset proofing. Occupying the printing proofing market and catering to the development trend of digital and network printing, inkjet printing will penetrate into a broader market in the near future and inject new vitality into the modern printing industry. The advantage of UV inkjet ink is that it not only has the economic and technical advantages of traditional UV technology, but also has its outstanding advantages in use and operation. Digital inkjet printing technology for textiles has been praised as the key technology of the textile industry revolution in the 21st century. Digital inkjet printing nano-pigment ink has come out.