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About waterborne UV resin

Time: 2019-04-02

Waterborne UV resin is mainly used in UV coatings and UV ink, including waterborne UV paper polishing oil, waterborne UV wood paint, waterborne UV metal paint, waterborne UV flexographic ink, waterborne UV gravure ink, waterborne silk printing ink and so on. Waterborne UV paper polishing oil, including water-borne UV polishing oil and water-borne UV base oil, is the earliest water-borne UV coating with a gloss of more than 90.           

According to the analysis of the current situation of water-borne UV resin Market in China from 2019 to 2025 released by China Market Reporting Network, the application value of water-borne UV coatings in wood finishing industry is very high, especially in the coatings of formed wood and plywood. Therefore, water-borne UV wood coatings are also widely used in water-borne UV coatings. Some Waterborne UV resin products developed by a few developed countries meet the requirements of automotive coatings and are also used in various automotive coatings, such as automotive primers, topcoats and varnishes.           

Waterborne UV resin is mainly produced by developed countries such as UCB, ICI, CYTEC, BASF and so on.           

The main development directions of waterborne UV resins in the future are as follows:

1) Developing new multifunctional resins with low viscosity, high solid content and high activity. Water-borne UV resins, such as hyperbranched water-borne UV resins;

2) synthesis of new active diluents with high conversion, high activity, low toxicity and low volume shrinkage, such as methoxy-terminated (methyl) acrylate active diluents;

3) preparation of macromolecular or polymeric high-efficiency photoinitiators, such as macromolecular dibenzophenone photoinitiator Omnipol BP;

4) study of new types of photoinitiators; Hybrid systems and curing systems, such as organic/inorganic hybrid systems, free radical photo-curing/thermal curing dual curing systems, etc.           

With the in-depth study of water-borne UV curing systems, the types of water-borne UV resins will be more diverse, and the application fields will continue to expand.           

The report on the current situation and development trend of water-borne UV resin Market in China from 2019 to 2025 is a comprehensive exposition and demonstration of the industry of water-borne UV resin, a comprehensive and systematic collation and analysis of the information obtained in the research process, and an argument and analysis argument are presented through charts, statistical results and literature, or through vertical development process or horizontal category analysis. Demonstration. From 2019 to 2025, the present situation analysis and development trend forecast report of water-borne UV resin Market in China faithfully reflects the objective situation of water-borne UV resin industry. All descriptions, explanations, inferences and quotations are appropriate, words and expressions are accurate and conceptual expressions are scientific.           

The current situation analysis and development trend forecast report of water-borne UV resin Market in China from 2019 to 2025 reveals the potential demand and opportunity of water-borne UV resin market, which provides accurate market information and scientific decision-making basis for strategic investors to choose the right investment opportunity and company leadership to make strategic planning, and also has great reference value for bank credit departments.