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2018 global printing market is expected to exceed US $45 billion.

Time: 2018-09-10

General situation of printing industry 

As an important industry of national economy, printing industry has dual attributes of industrial economy and cultural industry, mainly including packaging printing, publication printing, safety printing and other sub-industries. There are great differences among the sub-industries because of their different service objects. Packaging printing mainly serves industrial enterprises; the principal clients of publications printing are major publishing houses, magazines or newspapers; the service objects of safe printing include local tax departments and so on.

Printing industry is a global market, but the development level of each region is different. At present, the world printing industry is mainly concentrated in North America, Europe, Asia and other economically developed countries and emerging market entities. The United States, Europe and Asia account for about one third of the global printing market. Developed countries have obvious technological advantages in the printing market, and play a leading role in the market technology direction; and emerging market countries in recent years rapid economic growth, rapid expansion of the printing market capacity, especially in China, India and other emerging market countries as a representative of the printing industry on the whole showed a rapid upward development. The momentum of the market will increase rapidly.

Analysis and forecast of global printing market size

According to statistics, the global printing market revenue showed a growing trend in 2012-2016, with an annual compound growth rate of 2.01%, and the global market scale increased from 40.886 billion US dollars in 2012 to 44.268 billion US dollars in 2016. It is estimated that the global printing market is expected to exceed US $45 billion by 2018, with a growth rate of about 1.7%.

Statistics and growth forecast of global printing market in 2012-2018           

Global printing market size (US $100 million)  Growth rate (%)


Economic operation of China's printing industry

Influenced by the slowdown of economic growth, the increase of production costs, and the acceleration of digitization and networking, China's printing industry is facing a series of adverse factors, and it is urgent to find a new path to break through the transformation. In this context, innovation, upgrading, centralized integration will become the main development trend of the printing industry in the next few years, while the reduction of the total printing volume may become a fact.


Statistical analysis of total assets and gross output value of China's printing industry

In 2011, the total assets of China's printing industry reached 282.299 billion yuan. The total output value of the industry is 360.982 billion yuan. By 2016, the total assets of China's printing industry reached 559.015 billion yuan. The total output value of the industry is 788.185 billion yuan.


Statistical analysis of quantity and loss of printing industry in China

2018 is the key year for the implementation of the 13th Five-Year plan, and the printing industry has maintained steady growth. As of the first half of 2018, there were a total of 5624 printing enterprises. Among them, there were 1037 loss making enterprises, with a total loss of 2.18 billion yuan.


Green environmental protection has become the industry consensus

At present, in addition to digitization and intellectualization, green environmental protection has become a key word in the development of printing industry. After the rapid development of the past few years, the problem of overcapacity and homogeneous competition in China's printing industry has become increasingly prominent. Environmental protection has become an important factor restricting the power transformation of the industry. Therefore, the development of green environment has become the consensus of the industry. Implementing green printing is undoubtedly a strategy for printing owners to actively adapt themselves to the transformation and upgrading of the industry and seek greater development. At present, many enterprises have begun to change the extensive development model, implement green energy-saving and environmental protection development, environmental protection printing technology has gradually become the leading direction.海环保油墨创新论坛通知